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Amanda Paton – Founder & Principle

Amanda started her training at the age of 3yrs with the Rosemary Armstrong School of Dance. Her dream was to become a professional Ballet Dancer. She continued her training and gained a certificate to teach dance with the “British Theatre Dance Association” she is also a qualified Fitness Instructor.

Amanda worked professionally as a dancer within the cabaret circuit and also with the dance troupe “Short Notice”. She was with the “Catwalk Modelling Agency” as a Model/Dancer and has choreographed many shows and events. Amanda is also a trained Actress and continues to perform on a regular basis. Her classes are taught with a warm approach, with the main emphasis for each child to have fun. Routines are broken down and worked on in a disciplined but caring environment.


Eleonora Aldergheri(Ellie)

Eleonora was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina and began her training in Ballet at the age of six and graduated as a Professor of Ballet from the Institute Adrienne. She trained in Argentine Tango, took acting classes and studied Modern Art. In New York City, Eleonora studied and trained extensively in Broadway Dance Centre, Peridance, Steps and Alvin Ailey among many accomplished teachers and Choreographers.  

Eleonora collaborated, assisted and choreographed for many dance shows in Buenos Aries. In New York City, Eleonora had the honour of performing at Carnegie Hall and had the privilege to perform on several occasions at Symphony Space, Peridance Capezio Dance Centre, Peridance Salvatore Theater and the Brooklyn Dance Festival. Throughout her career, Eleonora has had the honour to perform alongside many talents.

Eleonora currently runs the classes held at Ducklington Village hall on Saturdays

Shannon Proctor

Shannon started off as a champion freestyle Disco dancer from the age of 9-18yrs, dancing around the country. Shannon then went on to study Street dance at the Tait Academy in East london, where she also performed in "Blood Brothers" & "Pied Piper".  Shannon has worked with many talented choreographers, Kenrick Sandy, Rhimes Lacointe, Mini Willits and artists from "Flawless" and "Street dance " the movie.

Shannon has a passion for all types os Street & Commercial Dance.

Zhana & Jae Paton

The girls are both student teachers. They have been training and performing with Dancemania since the age of 3 years. They are strong Street dancers and bring a bundle of energy in to the classes. The girls are also competent Vocalists/song writers, and currently writing alongside many established artists.

Marcus Maurice

Marcus currently teaches our Breakdance and Acrobatics classes. He studied performing arts as a National Diploma in Oxford for 3 years. At the age of 14 Marcus's dance career began when he discovered Capoeira which he trained in for 6 years. Marcus then began to look into Break dancing, interested by the similarities between the two arts. On top of his dramatics, dance and martial arts training, Marcus also trained in acrobatics in Harrow, London and began to teach dance at 21 years. Over the course of his career Marcus has performed at Several festivals with people such as ; Tiesto and Armand Van Buren as well as doing private performances on the MTV show "Sweet 16" and the world Skipping championships. Marcus teaches two main beliefs, "The key to success is hard work and dedication" and It's not enough to just hear the beat, you have to feel it too!"